A little boy once wrote this in an essay: "I have six brothers and sisters. My dad can fix the car and do some carpentry as well."

My talents all are related to communication – things meant to be recieved and hopefully understood by other people:

Illustrations – Maybe not in world-class, but some of them are quite OK.

Writing – I like to write, even if I don´t do it every day. Form words and sentences so what I write is apprehended in the way I meant it to be. Here are some short examples – only in swedish. Sorry!

Computer art – Photoshop is an unbeatable tool to improve, transform and manipulate.

Wallpapers – Do you want a new background picture for your computer? Here are some that I have made.

Graphic design – This is my job, what I do for a living. Designing prints, CD-covers, homepages among other things.

Mail: Tony B



Överviktigt meddelande! Om bantningens kval, ur verkliga livet.

Hur man slipper P-böter. Rätt språk hjälpte i alla fall mig.

Jag är slut som skinhead. Mitt livs novell – eller åtminstone den absolut roligaste!

En stark magisk kraft. Hejdlös drift med vårt sätt att leva.